It is a watery sign ruled by Mars, the significator of energy, and it is weak. Ketu, the planet of secrecy and intuition, is exalted in this sign and the Moon, the significator of change and tenderness, is debilitated. These factors render the Scorpios intuitive and rigid. If Scorpio rises as the ascendant, the Ishta Devata (form of god for worshipping and meditation) would be Lord Shiva. This sign rules outer sexual organs, scrotum, rectum, anus, nasal organs and pelvic bones. If Mars, as lord of the sixth house, is strong the Scorpios are of short stature, well built and enjoy good health. Otherwise, they have a sickly constitution and suffer from piles, fissure, urinary infections, boils, and operations, etc., in the parts ruled by Scorpio.

Scorpio is a fixed, negative, rajasic, kapha, female, mute, violent, fruitful and multiped sign and signifies severe sentiments. Depending on the influences on the ascendant, the sign Scorpio usually renders their natives determined, disciplined, self-restrained, fearless, persevering, energetic, intense, dynamic, decisive, self-centered, straightforward and tough or very sensitive, introverted, secretive, stubborn and ready to defend themselves. Depending upon the strength of the Sun and Jupiter, Scorpios become administrators, advocates, chemists, detectives, officers in the Armed Forces, policemen, politicians, surgeons, traders in metals and chemicals, etc. The influence of other planets on the tenth, first or second houses changes the professional pursuits

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