The Career

Birth chart always indicate about career of person by the houses.Like 10th house is the house of career and the rashi which having place in 10th house gives ideas about career,you can find by the rashi about your jobs.

Mesh Rashi

Mesh rashi has Capricorn in tenth house and jobs related to Capricorn like Reputation, credit and success in business, civil service, political activity, government, publicity, industrialist, proprietor, politician, board chairman, political scientist, foreman, city manager, career counselor, credit investigator, manufacturer, supervisor, executive administrator. People who influence others with their prestige or authority. Work that requires an out-of-the- ordinary reputation in the community. Administration of public or private business or political office.

Vrush Rashi

Counseling, advising, friendship in relation to trade, sales, etc., professional hostess, reception clerk, psychologist, organizational worker, humanitarian, advisor, outreach worker, counselor, visiting nurse, candy-striper, club officer, social worker, lobbyist, psychiatrist, parole officer. Concerns friendly groups of acquaintances who come together in clubs, societies, and organizations. People who befriend and encourage progress of the mentally and physically handicapped or underprivileged. Those who offer helpful advice in an impersonal manner.

Mithun Rashi

Activities associated with large institutions, especially hospitals, prisons and places of confinement, work behind the scenes, research, detective agencies, biomedical engineer, surgeon, chemist, FBI agent, researcher, psychiatric social worker, statistician, historian, inspector, psychoanalyst, x-ray technician. Associated with places of restriction, confinement, and privacy, areas for functioning behind the scenes out of the public eye, such as confidential work, crime detection, or research. Imprisonment and bondage, personal secrets, secret liaisons or negotiations, and anonymous philanthropy.
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