Sun is the lord of fire. Sun related to soul and father in living world. Wood Piper grass deer lion wool gold ornaments copper are related with Sun. Temple fort forest bank of river are the living places of Sun. Stomach eyes heart face controlled by Sun. it gives diseases like eyes infractions headache Ganjapan fevers. By the cast base sun related to Kshatriya. It is Ashubh graha. In body related to bones. Indriya is Eyes. Color is Saffron. Rashmi are five in count,male in gender, age of the Sun is 50 years.

Reason of death by fire. Sun always sees seventh house from sited place. direction is East. Sun is the king of stars (Saurmandala). Grain of Sun is wheat. Mantra of Sun is - "Aum Sooryay Namah 7000 times chanting daily. Friends ares Moon Mars and Jupiter enemies are Venus and Saturn. Mercury always makes equal nature of Sun.

Vimsottari Dasha of Sun is 6 years. Donation things of Sun are wheat ghee stones wool medicines ruby etc. Sun related to disease Pitta. Tree of Sun long tree. Sun has uchcha in Mesh Rashi and Neech in Tula rashi. Lord of Sun is Shiva.

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