शनि का प्रकोप

10th September 2009


Saturn entering in the house of Mercury, and Mercury in retrograde position, Virgo is the house of Mercury, Saturn is going to start effects like Hard for the service class persons, steady work for the banking and money market, organization will fight, caution in the area of human life, shrewdness, many troubles will start in projects directed to senior citizens, farmers will fight for the agriculture, very hard and limitations in the skilled wining, many troubles will start in secret and hidden things, illness in farming, labor troubles will be star in business and trade atmospheres, troubles will start with shrewd buyer, labor class persons will start to fight for basic utilities like water and wheat,rice,vegetables etc., building materials business will be in progress and everyone goes to take things by credits,the business of real estate will be go down to down,everyone will start to fight for methodology,judicial and law systems will stopped the real activities ,every start to think long range planning,diseases will give troubles to elderly people,banks and insurance companies will start to down economics,everyone start to open hidden things,lots of services and educations will starts for civil engineers, dentists, physical chemists, statisticians, typesetters, paleontologists, industrial engineers, geologists, chiropractors, proofreaders, custodians, claims adjustors, draftsmen, masons, efficiency experts. Hates waste, loves efficiency, economy, long and hard work. Needs to be doing something. Dull, monotonous, routine application whets the appetite. Abides by rules and regulations, preferably constructed by others. A hard and careful worker who absorbs responsibility and duty. Can undergo rigid training due to persistence of character. Is diligent, using system, method, and organization in his work.

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