Repairing of Desk-Top Computer


I am giving here the details for repairing desk top computer, When you are going to make a work on computer and you find computer is dead, and not response from any side, there are more steps to check the computer for finding faults. Start checking fault from this way:-

1. Check Power Point of the main electric board.


Some times by the dust or by the humidity the computer plug start to sparking, and there will be possibilities of disconnecting supplies of main power of electric. There are requirement of electric supply checker the name of that checker is “Tester”, and there are thousands of save of electric face checker. I am giving here the Photo of the Tester. In the tester generally a neon bulb indicator start to glow when the point of tester find live electric in the point or in the wire. This type tester only work with AC power supplies and not usable in the field of DC power supplies. Computer always works by AC power supplies.

  • (A). If electric supplies not present in the power point of computer, then see other equipments are working in home like fan bulbs tube lights and other, if all are not working it means the main supply power of from the main board, go to main board and check the fuse MCB if MCB down or fuse blown it means there a short circuit in the house or building, or any heavy load equipment break supply from main board, jump up MCB on up side.

* (B). If power supply present in the power point of computer, then check the connection of the lead that that connecting from power point to computer socket. Socket is where three pin top fix for using supply. If cord indicating supply in the last end it means the fault in the SMPS of the computer supply distribution box.


* (C). Plug off the supply from power point by switch and unplug the lead from the three pin socket. Then open main box of the computer, see where SMPS is fixing, open box of the SMPS and see fuse, in the fuse is a glass tube, and in the glass tube a thin wire used to make connectivity with main supply to SMPS.


Remove the fuse from fuse socket and check it by the help of Multi meter, Multi Meter is a instrument that useful for the checking voltage, and continuity of the wire and parts etc. Check fuse by continuity if not seeing type continuity it means the fuse blown. Go to nearest electronic shop and ask for the same category of fuse tubes.


Purchase a packet of fuses and fix in the socket. Re fix the SMPS box and install plug socket as before. On power supply and see the result, if not operate computer it means the major fault in the computer main board or in the SMPS supply box. Call to service engineer and ask him for repairing.

If you are a expert in the hardware line, then check SMPS and find the fault in the supply distribution like five volts to CPU, 12 Volts to amplifiers and other sections as per equipment operated values.


Repairing of Fridge

Fridge is the equipment that save things of food and kitchen items those are sensitive by the envoi mental conditions, and this equipment is useful for the every house holds good like food, milk, vegetables, medicines, water and a machine that always make us ice for the daily use. By the fridge we can make ice cream also in the home, and we can save many costly and useful things those are must for the daily use. Fridge always require power supply by the conditional power factors like 220 Volts and 120 Volts. Consumption is always depends on the size and value of the equipment.

Parts of Fridge

  • 1. Body.
  • 2. Machine

Bodies of the fridges always manufactured by steel and fiber. Upper side body fashionable and in different colors. Blue and white always famous in the local market. In side of the upper body, there are fiber wool fixed for the resistance of temperature out side and in side. Always fiber body and separations useable inside of the fridge.
There are multi selves for storing food, milk, water bottles, vegetables, meat, eggs, medicines, and more sensitive materials. Door of the fridge also have many selves for the storing different types of materials. Door of the fridge is a sensitive part of the fridge. There are a rubber gasket always use for the proper closing and stopping temperature from out side to in side. There are plastic or fiber handle used for the safety of electric shock, and there are lock on the middle or top part of the door, it is the safety for children and animals like monkeys and dogs cats etc.

Machine of the fridge have one freezer, one compressor, one heat condenser, one thermostat switch, one relay switch to start and switch off fridge, tubing of cooper different types.

Freezer is a small salve inside the fridge, it manufactured by aluminum and it has tubing in side on round positions. It is head chamber of the cooling. When we start the fridge, small ice peaces start to cover this freezer automatically.


Compressor is the head of the fridge, this is a small inbuilt electric motor, and work by electric, works of this motor is pumping gas to the freezer and store the returned gas in the self chamber, This motor always operate and lubricated by oil that oil continue run with gas in the machine for removing operating heat and presser heat. This motor have one piston, one housing, one valve and one inside packing leaf for supply gas to only one side.

Power Supply safety for Fridge


Power supply rectification is must for the any type refrigeration systems,Voltage Stabilizer is good part for the system,there are two types of stabilizers are available in the Market. Automatic Stabilizer is good part and this instrument always controls voltage fluctuations by own.
There are 90% faults always arise by the voltage fluctuations,first see the relay, and then check the main power sockets,then lead and after all check the thermostat.

Mobile Repairing

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