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  • This report requires your precise ‘Birth Time’. If you are unaware of the same then kindly avail the ‘Birth Time Determination’ service.
  • This report will be sent by ‘E-Mail’ that may take up to 10 days in some cases.
  • This is not an instant downloadable report.
  • At any stage for knowing your ‘Order Status’, please e mail moc.liamg|airuadahbortsa#moc.liamg|airuadahbortsa
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Reading Charges.

  • One question without remedies Rs.501.
  • One question with remedies Rs.701.
  • Kundli making in Hindi or in English Rs.501 by software in PDF file,and by self calculated theory Rs.5001/- in PDF file.
  • Marriage comparability with Ashtakoot Guna Milan and with mangali dosha Rs.501 only from boy side,not any charges from girl's side.
  • No answers of one word question.
  • Write your accurate email address.
  • you can send your direct email to moc.liamg|airuadahbortsa#moc.liamg|airuadahbortsa

Full Janm Kundli Reading related to these subjects (Hindi and English Cost Rs.5051.)

1. Introduction of Birth chart
2.Shri Ganesh Aradhana
3.Janani Shloka
4.Panchang Prediction.
5.Day of the week prediction.
6.Birth Star Prediciton
7.Tithi Prediction.
8.Karana Prediction.
9.Life Sub prediction.
10.Sun rise and Kalidina.
11.Star Qualities.
12.Yog Karaka and Aruda
13.Basic Calculation.
14.Sayana Longitudes.
15.Niryana Longitudes.
16.Star Lord/Sub lords.
17.Niryana Longitudes Summary.
18.Rashi and Navamansha Chart.
19.Special Rashi Chakra
20.Bhawa Chart.
21.Bhava Table.
22.Sudarshan chakra
24.Dhumadi Group.
25.Gulikadi Group
26.Upagrah Longitudes.
27.Upagrah Lords.
28.Upagrah Charts.
29.Jemini Systems.
30.Jamini Karka
31.Jamini Pada.
32.Jamini Arudh Chakra.
33.Shodash Varga.
34.Shodash Varga Table.
35.Lords of Shodash Vargas.
36.Varga Bheda.
37.Shodash Varga Charts.
38.Rashi and Hora.
39.Dreshkana and Chaturmasha
40.Saptamasha and Navamansha
41.Dasmasha Dwadasmasha
42.Shodashmasha and Vishmansha.
43.Chaturvimansha and Bhamsha
44.Trisamsha and Khavedamsa
45.Akshvedamsa and Shashtimasha.
46.Ashtak Varga.
47.Prastar Ashtakvarga Table.
48.Ashtak Varga Table
49.Trikona Reduction.
50.Ekadhipaty Reduction.
51.Dasha Period
52.Summary of Dasha.
53.Dasha Bhukti
54.Pratiyantar Dasha.
56.Position Analysis
57.Lord of Houses.
58.Planetory Conjuctions.
59.Planet to Planet Aspects.
60.Plant to House Aspects.
61.Benefic and Malefic Planets
62.Planetary Friendship Charts.
63.Permanent Friendship Charts.
64.Temporary Friendship Charts.
65.Five fold friendship Charts.
66.Plenetary Strength.
67.Aspect Strength (Drikbala).
68.Shadabala Table.
69.Shadabala Summary Table.
70.Ishtaphala Kashtaphala Table.
71.Bhava Strength
72.Bhavabala Table.
73.Mangal Dosha Check.
74.Combustion (Yuti)
75.Planetary War (Graha yuddh)
76.Summary of Graha Avastha.
78.General Prediction.
79.Twelve Houses Prediction.
80.Dasha Bhukti Prediction.
81.Dasha Introduction
83.Stars Remedies.
84.Dasha Remedies.
85.Transit Forcaste.
86.Favourable Periods
87.Favourable Period for Career.
88.Favourable Period for Marriage.
89.Favourable Period for Business.
90.Favourable Period for House Construction.
91.Ashtak Varga Prediction.
92.Ashtak Varga Introduction.
93.Ashtakvarga Table.
94.Ashtak Varga Prediction.
95.Lalkitab Remedis.
96.Rahu Gochara and Effects.
97.Ketu Gochara and Effects.
98.Time of Bhagyodaya.
99.Prediction About High Lucky Time.
100.Past Life Prediction.
101.Next Life Prediction.
(Calculation with helps of Nadi Astrology and South Indian Astrology).

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