When Rahu afflicts closely the mid-point of a house which contains a mooltrikona sign and the dispositor is weak, impact in various houses is as under :

First House:
Physical retardation and acute health problems, problems in marital life, problems to male children and father.

Second House:
Disintegration of family, divorce, loss of status, wealth and reputation, intestinal problems and problems to father.

Third House:
Sinful deeds, lying, disturbed marital life, retarded physical growth, problems to father and earnings through foul means.

Fourth House:
Destroys domestic peace and professional growth, causes accidents and inauspicious happenings, wasteful expenses and losses.

Fifth House:
Loss of semen, lack of progeny, health problems to father, elder brother and self. Earnings through undesirable means.

Sixth House:
Chronic illness, stomach ulcer, acidity, losses through thefts and fire, threat of imprisonment, disputes and disturbed family life.

Seventh House:
Extra marital relationships, ill health to self and spouse, venereal diseases, skin diseases, problems to brothers and resorting to corrupt practices and gambling.

Eighth House:
Accidents, involvement in scandals, family disputes, separation, piles, eye troubles and loss of domestic peace.

Ninth House:
Problems to self, father, children and younger brothers. Makes one totally immoral. One resorts to vices and gambling.

Tenth House:
Causes termination due to use of corrupt practices, destroys assets, problems of blood pressure and makes the native a liar.

Eleventh House:
Income through corrupt practices, spoils health of spouse and troubled marital relations. Native uses unfair means and operates in a deceptive way.

Twelfth House:
Makes one an addict and gambler, threat of imprisonment, losses and expenses, problem of hypertension, thoroughly troubled domestic peace.

Transit Influence of Rahu

Transit influence of Rahu is more or less indicative of troubles and tensions. Transit relationship through close aspect/conjunction with weak planet is felt when the longitudinal difference is five degrees and with the grave situation at the time of exact aspect/conjunction.

The tension/trouble starts when the relationship is formed and ends when it separates from the close conjunction/aspect. In the case of strong and well placed natal/transit planets, the longitudinal distance of conjunction/aspect is of only one degree. The impact is felt with respect to the following :

1 . The significations of the houses where mooltrikona signs of the troubled planets are placed.
2. The general significations of the afflicted planet.
3. The general significations of the house where the afflicted planet is placed.
4. The general significations of the house of conjunction and the houses aspected if the conjunction is with the
most effective point of a house.

The impact is greater when Rahu causing transit conjunction is placed in dusthanas and when the planets/houses involved are weak both in natal and transit charts.

Rahu's close involvement with Venus gives an urge for carnal pleasures in the early stages of life and enjoyments through smoking and drinking, intoxication through other means, etc. Rahu's close involvement with the most effective points of the seventh, third, fifth and eighth houses takes one to premarital carnal pleasures and love affairs only for physical gratification. Rahu's close affliction to both Mercury and the weak Moon in the eighth or twelfth houses makes one a drug addict. I am sure readers will derive benefits from this in delineating the postures of Rahu in a particular nativity more clearly.

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