Your Cooperation or Reading Charges

Reading Charges :-

Related to First house,Body makeup, Colour, Height, Personality, Malefic breaking rules, Ascendant related yoga, Power of lord of Ascendant etc.Rs.494/-

Related to Second house,Wealthy and poor yoga, Bankruptcy, Wealth from in laws, Family, Bank balance, Wealth-own country/foreign, Ancestral property, Direction of receiving Wealth.Rs.594/-

Related to third house,Brother/sister, Mutual relation with them, Number, Occupation, Velour, Decision making, Big family, Sister and brother-in-law, Happiness from siblings, Cousin siblings.Rs.494/-

Related to fourth house,Mother, Relation with mother, Mother’s age, Vehicle happiness, attainment, number, time, Happiness in life, Fame. House own house, Many houses, House in abroad, Problem in house, Vastudosha in house Agriculture land-benefit from land, Cattle, well, bore well etc.Rs.494/-

Related to fifth house,Children, Yoga related to children, Abortion, Late children, Number of children, Happiness from children, Curse yoga, Time of having children, Knowledge, Education, games, amusement, share market, lottery quick gains time etc. Rs.1004/-

Related to sixth house,Disease, Enemies, Victory/loss and fear from enemies, Hidden enemies, Debt, daily jobs, savings etc. Rs.494/-

Related to seventh house,Marriage, Age polygamy, divorce, Marital happiness, Disease to spouse, Time of marriage, energy and power of the Marriage, About husband/ wife, About physical pleasures, Beauty, Dresses, Ornaments, Decoration, Gift, Blessings of the spiritual leaders, Business court cases , Travelling Widow, Characteristics colour-features of spouse, Obstacles in marriage, Raj yoga of spouse partnership, Benefits, Relation, etc. Rs.594/-

Related to eighth house,Age, Loss in the business, Unnecessary & unwanted troubles, Bankruptcy, Incurable and severe, Peculiar diseases, Expenses, Loan issues, Court cases, Criminal cases, Police issues, Frictions between the couples, Separation Cause of death Death like problems, Hidden treasure, Para science learning yoga. Rs.494/-

Related to ninth house, Luck, Fate, Lucky/unlucky people, Luck rising after marriage, Direction. Pilgrimage, Religious bent. Religious deeds, Fame, Prestige etc. Rs.494/-

Related to tenth house, Occupation-business/job, Success, Business/ job related issues, Laid- off from the companies , Fired from the job, BENCHED, Getting a new post, Increments, Promotions in the job, Architecture related, Holy Yaatra Administrative jobs, Raja yoga, High profile/status jobs, Money transaction. Relation and happiness with father. etc. Rs.494/-

Related to eleventh house, Profit, Profit from the job/business/ stocks, Getting success, Older brother, sister position, and the profit and loss from them, Second wife, Special talents, Agriculture business. Music , Dance related, Dealing in ship related issues, Profit and incomes from many sources, Wealth yoga, Poor yoga, Source of income, White/black, Auspicious deeds, Prosperity, Possession. etc. Rs.494/-

Related to twelfth house,Loss, Donation, Tax and foreign travel, Fracture. Age of human beings/others species, Child disease yoga, Ill-health related yoga short life, Medium life, and long life, Increment, Safety from death. Death causative planet, Place of death, Lord of death, Direction of death, Cause of death-Own country, Foreign, Sudden, Reason of death-Poison, Weather Machine, Fire, Due to government, Thief, Enemy, Weapon, Mountain, Accident, Wound, Imprisonment, Hanged, Suicide, Battle, Anima, Natural. Place of death-Pilgrim, Auspicious place, Abroad, House, Hospital, Salvation. Previous and future birth. etc. Rs.1004/-

Remedies of Stars, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Evils eye, Ghostly places, Kal Sharp Dosha, Vaastu Dosha, Pitru Rin, Matru Rin, Family Rin, Mangali Dosha, Paap Kartari Dosha, Stones, Mantra Chanting, Hawana Yagya, etc. only reading and suggestions, Rs.494/-

(Please note :- Each Calculation depends on your birth time, there will be not any responsibilities about reading, 20 Seconds can change effects of Stars.)

For Indian people can deposit reading charges in bank account and inform me with reference of question (s) and deposited amount. Aboard people can deposit amount through Paypal. Also they can send amount through Western Union, or by Money-Gram to Amit Bhadauria, 37 Panchwati Colony Jaipur India.

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