Moon is the 2nd star in astrology. The Cancer is the sign of Moon. 4th house related to Moon. There two type VRITTI one is the visible of world called Drishya Vritti and second is think about world it called Chitta Vritti. Sun is the lord of Drishya Vritti and Moon is the lord of Chitta Vritti. Also mind when Moon think then Sun sees, and final Saturn does. Moon also called Mother by astrology. In India first name of baby started with Moon sign, it is the fact life starts with Mother -"Moon".

The place of Moon near water or near sea. The nature of Moon Business. Moon also called auspicious when Ashtami to Amavashya and Ashtami to Poornima. Bad Moon with Amavasya and Good Moon with Poornima. The time of Moon is only 24 minutes in Gochara. Moon related to Water in body also lord of blood and heart. Moon is the part of body like generation parts. Color of Moon is White. Rashmi of Moon are 21. Direction of Moon is North-West of earth. famine gender related to Moon. The age of Moon in human life is 70 years. Reason of death by Moon sink in water. Moon always see to seventh house from sited place. Moon is minister in stars. The grain of Moon is Rice. Mantra of Moon is "Aum Cham Chandraay Namah" Chanting time of Moon 11000 time daily,for weakness of Moon in birth chart. Friends of Moon are Sun and Mercury. No enemy of Moon in this world. Mars Venus and Saturn acts like Moon. Vinsottari Dasha of Moon 10 years. The disease of Moon Cough. Tree of Moon is Rubber Pipal Afim Baragad. Uchch Rashi of Moon is Vrush and Neech Rashi of Moon is Vrishchik. Goddess of Moon is Parwati Durga of Uchch Moon and Chamunda of Neech Moon. The season of Moon is rainy season.

Moon is like Mother Parwati. Parwati always maintain world by feeding. Sister water medicine vegetables sea mind art female friend pond irrigation laws and kindness presented in Moon. Before marriage in female kind makes image of girl and after marriage makes image of mother in law. When Moon asta in birth chart or weak in birth chart it means in life cheating by many ways. Makes cleaver to Jataka. Aboard journey honey fruits silk cream etc are thinkable by Moon.

Moon is the maintainer of world Rigaveda says-" Chandrama Manaso Jatah,Sooryo Chaksho ajaytatah". In Ayurveda lord of Aushidhisho and Nishapti called. In the world of Vegetables it is the lord of Vegetables. Vishwa Mata also called. There are light with dark presented with this star. Moon always gives life and death in equal base. Moon has Vyabhichar nature when in dark and guru when in light. Jupiter is the lord of Tapa and Moon is the lord of Art (Kala) both has opposition.

Moon related with relations mother aunt queen female mother in law.Journey changing of place half circle fraud food water cough left eye white color mind cloth vegetables related to Moon.

Mother with Sun makes relations mother with father,when sun is father then moon is journey, when in gochara moon cross to sun means journey of father, one son of daughter find great progress in world if Moon and Sun have relations in same house or same rashi.

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