It is a watery sign ruled by Jupiter, the significator of fortune and knowledge. Venus, the significator for materialistic pursuits and comforts, is exalted and Mercury, the significator of intellect, is debilitated in this sign. These factors render the Pisceans romantic, imaginative, compassionate and generous. If Pisces rises as the ascendant, the Ishta Devata (form of god for worshipping and meditation) would be Lord Shiva. This sign rules feet and toes, lymphatic system, bones of the feet and toe. If the Sun, as lord of the sixth house, is strong the Pisceans are healthy. Otherwise, they have a sickly constitution, suffer from gout pains, joint pains, and disorders related with blood circulation, lymphatic system, feet, toes, bones of the feet/toes, etc.

Pisces is a dual, negative, satvic, kapha, female, mute, fruitful and footless sign and signifies enjoyments, sensitiveness, etc. Depending on the influences on the ascendant, the sign Pisces usually renders their natives gentle, cheerful, empathetic, caring, devoted to duty, emotional, enthusiastic, idealistic, impressionable, intuitive, with moral values, mystical, philosophical, sentimental and tolerant or timid, vulnerable, indolent and ease loving. Depending upon the strength of Jupiter, the Sun and Mars, the Pisceans join the professions of commerce, development, financial advisor, legal advisor, training, etc. The person rises well in his profession and is generous. The influence of other planets on the tenth, first or second houses changes the professional pursuits.

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