Mars always shows nature of outer body. Desires of Mars are Enjoy desires of many things hard of soft nature. Mars has nature like hot without flame. In relations brother strong feelings strength earth deep cut operation zoology technical fields soldier arms person tank in battle fields,engineer factory tonsil orthopedics sword food maker blood Kartikeya garden non-veg food honey bee cock kite pigeon red stones. In Caste Mars related to Kshatriya. having place in body like Head. Color of Mars is Red. Rashmi of Mars are 7. Direction of Mars is South. It is a male star in world. Age of Mars is 10 years. Death of Mars by killing accident operation falling from up. Mars always makes effects in birth chart place where sited fourth house from sited place, seventh house from sited place, 8th house from sited place.

Mars is Captain in military. Grains of Mars is Daal, Mosoor. Mars has friend ship with Sun Moon and Jupiter and enemy of Mars is Mercury same are Venus and Saturn. Vimsottari Dasha of Mars is 7 years. Donation things of Mars are Mosoor Dal Dhan red cloth land red coral. diseases of Mars related to heat Pitta. Tree of Mars is Neem tree. Uchch in Makar rashi and Neech in Kark rashi. Lord of Mars is Bhairava. Summer days are related to Mars.

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