It is an earthy sign ruled by Saturn, the significator of dutifulness and responsibility. Mars, the significator of energy and ambition, is exalted in this sign and Jupiter, the significator of fortune and knowledge, is debilitated. These factors render the Capricornians ambitious, hardworking and selfish if not having a spiritual practice. It is the sign of practical realization. If Capricorn rises as the ascendant, the Ishta Devata (form of god for worshipping and meditation) would be Lord Vishnu. This sign rules knees and kneecaps, skin, bones and joints. As both the ascendant and the sixth house do not contain a mooltrikona sign then the Sun, the significator for vitality, would be considered as the prime determinant of health for Capricornians. If the Sun is strong, they enjoy good health. Otherwise, Capricornians have a sickly constitution and suffer from joint pains/inflammation, arthritis, general weakness, emaciated body, skin diseases and allergies, etc. The native may also have troubles resulting from over work and nervous disorders.

Capricorn is a moveable, negative, tamasic, vata, female, semi-fruitful, first half quadruped and second half footless sign and signifies tact, cheating, lethargy and melancholic nature if Saturn is weak in the nativity. Capricorn rising gives good looks if Saturn is strong. The aspect of natural benefics to the ascendant provides charm to the personality. The negative influences on weak Saturn, as lord of the second house, gives an appearance of a person advanced in age, sunken eyes, wrinkled body, etc. The first half of Capricorn is watery and the second half is earthy. Depending on the influences on the ascendant, the sign Capricorn usually combines diligence and commitment with flexibility and adaptability and renders their natives traditional, level-headed, cautious, thrifty, conservative, methodical, social, practical, with organizing ability, faithful, prudent, protective, dependable and persevering or selfish, rigid and resentful. Depending upon the strength of Venus, the Sun and Saturn, Capricornians become businessmen, agriculturists, lawyers, leaders, politicians, etc. They are careful with their money. The influence of other planets on the tenth, first or second houses changes the professional pursuits.

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