It is an earthy sign ruled by Mercury, the governor of nervous system. Mercury, the significator of analytical faculties, is exalted in this sign and Venus, the significator for materialistic pursuits and comforts, is debilitated. These factors render the Virgos a discriminating nature and deep sensuality. If Virgo rises as the ascendant, the Ishta Devata (form of god for worshipping and meditation) would be Lord Vishnu. This sign rules the waist, abdominal umbilical region, nervous system, small intestine, upper part of large intestine, appendix and kidneys. If Mercury and Saturn are strong, the Virgos enjoy good health. Otherwise, they become hypochondriac and are vulnerable to overexertion, nervous breakdown, appendicitis, constipation, etc. This is the mooltrikona sign of Mercury.

Virgo is a dual, negative, tamasic, vata, female, barren and biped sign and, if Mercury is strong, it gives the power of analysis and discrimination. Depending on the influences on the ascendant and/or Mercury, the sign Virgo usually makes their natives communicative, attractive, charming, prudent, cautious, protective, analytical, dependable, honest, truthful, practical, sincere and detailed or critical, neurotic, distant, resentful, indecisive and nit pickers with a fault finding tendency. As Mercury transits in a band of 28 degrees on either side of the Sun, for quite some time in the year it remains combust and weak. Then it goes to its sign of debilitation once a year for about a month and goes to infancy and old age about twelve times a year besides coming under the close influence of Rahu, Ketu and other functional malefic planets in a natal chart. The usual weakness of Mercury makes Virgo-born people feel insecure in life. They are generally worried and need support for maintaining self-confidence. If natal Mercury is weak, the person has prominent veins, lacks witticism and has no charm. Depending upon the strength of Venus, the Sun and Mercury, Virgos become accountants, artists, craftsmen, draftsmen, teachers, mathematicians, engineers, traders, writers, etc. They will be good at jobs that involve detailed work. The influence of other planets on the tenth, first or second houses changes the professional pursuits

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