It is a fiery sign ruled by Jupiter, the significator of fortune and knowledge. These factors render the Sagittarians ambitious, eager to learn and with good judgment. If Sagittarius rises as the ascendant, the Ishta Devata (form of god for worshipping and meditation) would be mother divine, Goddess Durga. This sign rules hips and thighs, arterial system, nerves and ear/hearing. If Jupiter is strong, the Sagittarians enjoy good health. Otherwise, they are vulnerable to anemia, poor digestion, flatulence, disorders of liver/gall bladder, jaundice, high fevers, diabetes, rheumatism and troubles in hips and thighs, etc. The native may also face troubles due to his tendency to overindulge in food and drink. This is the mooltrikona sign of Jupiter.

Sagittarius is a dual, positive, satvic, pitta, male, semi-fruitful, first half biped and second half quadruped sign and signifies impressive personality. The first half of Sagittarius is human and the second half is quadruped. Depending on the influences on the ascendant and/or Jupiter, the sign Sagittarius usually makes their natives nature lovers, goal-oriented, clever, generous, cheerful, quick-witted, organized, philosophical, self-righteous or nit pickers, impatient, easily irritated and impulsive. The persons born under this sign are best suited for training or advisory roles due to their pleasant nature and analytical bent of mind. Depending upon the strength of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, Sagittarians play advisory roles and become businessmen, trainers for jobs, financial advisors, lawyers, legal advisors, teachers, physicians, religious leaders, etc. The influence of other planets on the tenth, first or second houses changes the professional pursuits.

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