बक्री शनि

This transit of retrograde Saturn phase is a period lasting
approximately 4 1/2 months and occurs once a year. Saturn slows down
your current activities so that you are given a better chance to
become more efficient and start making sensible plans and methods
enabling you to make the most later of any real endeavors. Global
enterprises or expectations may undergo delays or unaccountable
setbacks. Unforeseen commitments and responsibilities enter your life
and demand your time and energy, as an example this could be
"unfinished business" neglected previously and must now be attended
to, before you can move ahead. Duties at hand must now be handled
with patience, endurance, and inner steadiness. Saturn is teaching
you to slow down, halt the ego, and become more thorough and
organized. This is not a good time to make a career change or attempt
to disrupt your status in the community, it is a better time to make
adjustments or changes within your current position. Do not actively
seek out extra obligations since they could prove more draining than
anticipated. Work on your inner structures which are needed for
psychological strength, which will later be of great assistance.

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