मेरे बारे में आपकी राय !

पीयूष मिश्राजी इटावा से लिखते हैं-

Revered Bhadauriaji,
Thank you very much once again for your kind assistance and blessings.yes I am a Brahman by birth and it is matter of happiness that your native village is very near to my birthplace, the term pundit has find extension both in its meaning and scope, today the term is globally accepted for someone learned and expert, American authors use term "Guru" and "pundit" again and again in their academic literature for addressing some expert on a specific area, in print media across Europe and US words like market pundit, management guru etc are used for consultants having exceptional knowledge, in educated society the priesthood is no more associated to it, Share pundits predict about share market on the basis of their knowledge and people seek their advice but in reality no one can guarantee which stock will gain similarly astrology can be considered as science till one can prove that it produces desirable results,you are expert in astrology, people consult you on issues related to their future so in that sense I addressed you pundit, no doubt you belong to warrior class, many of my friends are bhadauria rajputs and I know bhadaurias have a distinguished among Kshatriyas.

the oxford dictionary has given following meaning for the word "pundit"-

1.Someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field
2.An expert or critic in a particular field who often presents their views to the media
3.An honorary title in India giving a Hindu scholar

so english language use these three meaning for word "pundit" however if I have to choose most appropriate for you among these three I would choose the third one "An honorary title in India giving a Hindu scholar"

Jyotish has not only been our tradition since the begining,it is also a torch given to us by our forefathers for dispelling darkness and cofusion about various present and future actions, scholers like you holds this torch to guide human beings, Veda and Vedangas were composed by our Great Rishis for the welfare of mankind, Vedangas which deal with all aspects of human life and its stages, to know these vedangas is necessary to successfully live life as prescribed by vedas, the scholers like you are not only dedicated for conserving this light for which no award or reward is big but you also holds the key for bright future. You are a honorary Hindu Scholar. a pudit- in english!

with regards,

Piyush Misra

Mr.Sobhagy Jain writing


very very thanks. aapki calcution kay aagya main natmask huu. bachay kiy job 19-1-2010 ko hi lag gyee hay. main aapsay pessonal milnay ki kossis kar rah huu. very thanks.

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